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10 Reasons To Start Meditating

Posted: Jul 26 2017

Although meditation has been used in the East for thousands of years, it wasn’t until recently that the practice started becoming a hot topic in Western mainstream media and culture. Now, meditation is being practiced by people from all walks of life; business professionals, athletes, artists and so on.

Scientific studies continue to confirm the numerous physical and mental benefits of meditation, fueling the growing popularity of the practice around the world.  

If you’ve never practiced meditation before, here are 10 great reasons to implement it into your life asap :)

1. Meditation makes you focused. Meditation increases memory and improves attention which helps you stay in the zone.
2. Meditation supports weight loss. By practicing mindfulness through meditation you become more aware of your thoughts and actions, including those that relate to food.
3. Meditation makes you happier. The practice helps you to cultivate more positivity and joy for life.
4. Meditation relieves stress. Studies show that regular meditation decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, making you more relaxed and at ease.
5. Meditation increases compassion. Research shows meditation boosts social connection, empathy & compassion, and generates helpfulness.
6. Meditation beats the blues. Meditation decreases anxiety & depression.
7. Meditation increases wisdom & gives you perspective. The practice helps you see the big picture and gain perspective on your life, while also providing valuable insight about yourself & others.
8. Meditation decreases pain. Meditation can dramatically reduce both the experience of pain and pain-related brain activity.
9. Meditation boosts your immune function. Not only does meditation reduce stress, which has a massive impact on the immune system, but it also boosts antibodies helping to fight disease.
10. Meditation helps you sleep better. Meditation relaxes the mind and body, improving sleep.

If you’re thinking to yourself ‘I don’t have time to meditate!’, consider if there’s any time - even if it’s only 10 minutes - that’s usually spent watching TV or on social media that you could dedicate to this life-changing practice.

If you are interested in meditation but you have no idea where to start, keep your eyes on the blog as we’ll release a post soon that covers meditation tips & strategies for beginners :)


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